Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Vulnerability assessment is a risk management process to define, identify and rank possible vulnerabilities in an organisation’s IT systems, thereby allowing appropriate measures to be implemented to counter potential threats.

Vulnerability assessment and management (VAM) is highly recommended for organisations wanting to reduce weakness/risk in their current IT environment and avoid threats to their operation, brand or revenue.

Our team of experts have carried out VAMs for organisations of all sizes and sectors, including healthcare, defence and IT managed service providers.


At Ethical Security, we:

  • provide a thorough assessment of hardware and software assets to identify vulnerabilities
  • implement changes based on industry best practice
  • customise each solution/framework to meet individual requirements
  • work within our customer’s existing policies and procedures
  • rigorously define & classify components and incorporate the best possible strategies for each classification
  • deal with all levels and types of threats
  • provide swift assistance if an attack occurs

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