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Configuration Auditing

Configuration auditing provides a detailed analysis of an organisation’s infrastructure, workload configuration status, modifications, and automation of management.

Ethical Security provides configuration auditing solutions across infrastructure, applications and all core IT functionality to ensure efficient and effective service management processes.

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Authorized User Management

IT savvy criminals have become expert at recognising and exploiting weaknesses in systems and access.

Unauthorised user access can lead to deleterious consequences such as identity theft, financial fraud, data theft (including credit card data), and insidious attacks on systems such as denial of service, which is particularly damaging for online businesses.

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Data Classification

Data is an integral component of any organisation. With the rise of information technology, data flow in and out of organisations has grown exponentially, introducing  a formidable challenge in how best to secure and prevent data loss.

Fundamental to the prevention of data loss is data classification.

Ethical Security specialises in providing an automated document classification tool

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Data Loss Prevention

Sensitive information needs to be appropriately protected to prevent data leakage and misuse by external parties.

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is the methodology to detect and prevent unauthorised transmission or disclosure of sensitive information.

Ethical Security can assess and implement frameworks to reduce exposure and minimise data loss.

Frameworks are based on DLP identifiers and focus on network data and data location.

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DDOS Prevention

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack can render IT services unavailable by overloading systems with traffic generated from multiple locations.

DDOS is one of the main methods adopted by nefarious parties to prevent organisations from successfully hosting business-critical applications and websites.   Consequently, service providers are under mounting pressure to prevent, monitor and mitigate DDOS attacks directed toward their infrastructure and customers.

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Next Gen Firewalls

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is the most secure perimeter device available to filter and control what goes in and out of an organisation’s corporate network. NGFW firewalls provide deep-packet inspection for network traffic and can ensure networks are secure from unauthorised and malicious content such as DDOS, ransomware and malware.

We partner with only industry-leading NGFW providers such as Palo Alto, Sophos, Check Point, and Fortinet to ensure our customers receive only the highest level of security/protection possible.

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Security Incident and Event Management

Security incident management is the process of detection and identification of security events and response implementation.

Ethical Security provides multiple solutions and frameworks based on industry best practice to implement security incident management, including..

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Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Vulnerability assessment is a risk management process to define, identify and rank possible vulnerabilities in an organisation’s IT systems, thereby allowing appropriate measures to be implemented to counter potential threats.

Vulnerability assessment and management (VAM) is highly recommended for organisations wanting to reduce weakness/risk in their current IT environment and avoid threats to their operation, brand or revenue.

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Ethical Security's Vulnerability Assessments allows organisations
to proactively identify suspicious activity and place procedures in place to prevent business disruptions.

The Security Focused Company

A complete approach to a secure IT Environment.

Ethical Security not only performs design and implementation of IT security solutions; but also focuses primarily on the data security of our customers. We understand that data is one of the most critical aspects of any organisation along with its user-base and have a dedicated, highly certified and skilled team to provide the required professional services.

Our solutions are based on customer requirements and driven by industry best practice. We offer customised solutions which will aim at improving the overall IT environment.

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